Middle Country central school district
eBoard Directory

Centereach High School

Last NameDescription
Ms. Alvarado¡HOLA !
Mr. AronsenMr. Aronsen's Chemistry E-Board
Mr. Batista ¡El Sr. Batista es el Mejor!
Ms. BeckSMILE-Ms. Beck-SMILE
Mr. BellCHS National Honor Society
Ms. BerisFlashcards You Can Use
Mrs. BernardinoIf you can dream it, you can do it! ~ Walt Disney
Ms. BickoffScience eBoard
Ms. BradleyMs. Bradley's eBoard
Ms. BradleyDECA
Ms. BrennanEnglish Language Arts eBoard
Mrs. BrockmannMrs. Brockmann's English Classes
Mr. BuddMr. Budd's eBoard
Mr. CammarataUS History and Government
Mr. CampisiBenvenuti all' eBoard di Signor Campisi
Ms. CassellaChemistry eBoard
Mr. CastagnaMr. Castagna's Wonderful English eBoard!
Mrs. CavalloMath is Great!!!
Ms. CohnThe Literary Magazine: Outside the Margins
Ms. CohnAll Kinds of Cool Stuff
Mrs. CurranCollege and Career Readiness
Mrs. D'AndreaLiving Environment
Mrs. DiehlMath E-Board
Ms. DorrMacbeth
Ms. DuqueMs. Duque's eBoard
Ms. FittermanEnglish Classes & Youth for Humanity Material/Info
Mrs. FitzgeraldWelcome to Mrs. Fitgerald’s English classes!
Ms. FunaroMs. Funaro's E-board
Mr. GattoBienvenidos!
Ms. GilbertWelcome to my eBoard!
Ms. GrantScience Rocks!
Ms. GranvilleEnglish Language Arts
Ms. GuardadoSra. Guardado
Ms. HaberEnglish Language Arts eBoard
Mrs. HollandStudio Art
Ms. HurstSignora Hurst's Italian eBoard
Ms. ImproteMs. Improte's E-Board
Ms. JuneMs. June's Health Class (#MAKE GOOD CHOICES)
Mr. KnowlanSocial Studies
Ms. LandgroverEnglish Language Arts
Ms. LanningLiving Environment Eboard
Ms. LernerMs. Lerner's E-Board
Mrs. LiguoriPsychology
Mr. LongMr. Long's Health Class #livelong
Mrs. LongMrs. Long's eBoard
Ms. LositoWelcome Students!
Ms. MandarineEnglish Language Arts
Ms. MartinLes Classes de Madame Martin
Mrs. MartinoMCCSD Transitional Services
Mr. MarzovillaHistory in Our World
Mr. MaterassoMr. Materasso's Eboard
Mrs. MatlockMrs. Matlock Welcomes You
Ms. MazzaMs. Mazza's eBoard (Math)
Mrs. MeichnerMrs. Meichner's Musical Messages and Musings
Ms. MelfiMs. Melfi's eBoard
Ms. MichaelsCosmetology Teacher
Mr. MooreChemistry/AP Chemistry/Science Olympiads
Mr. MorenoLaw of Supply and Demand
Mr. MorturanoWorld History
Mrs. ParolyWelcome to my awesome eBoard! Send me an email.
Mr. ParrinelloSTEM Robotics
Mrs. PerrellaEarth Science
Mr. PosillicoPosillico's Corner
Mrs. ReilleyMrs. Reilley's Social Studies Classes
Mrs. RescaWelcome to the World of Earth Science
Ms. Reynolds¡Bienvenidos al eBoard de Profe. Reynolds!
Ms. ReynoldsCHS Yearbook Club "Déjà Vu"
Ms. SajewiczWelcome!
Mr. SeifEnvironmental Issues
Ms. Serratore¡Aqui hablamos español!
Mr. SteigeleEat, Sleep, Learn History
Ms. StephanMrs. Stephan's Library eBoard
Ms. StrattonWelcome to FACS
Ms. StrongStrong's Board
Mrs. TaciakScience Rocks!
Mr. Van SchaickMr. Van Schaick's eboard
Mrs. VathMs. Vath's eBoard
Ms. ViscontiVisconti Science eBoard
Mrs. WesnofskeWesnofske's Wonderful World of Music
Mrs. WrightExploring Art with Mrs. Wright
Mr. ZalewskiMr. Z's World of Science

Newfield High School

Last NameDescription
Mrs. AdamsMusic, Theater, & Dance
Ms. AlvinoHealth Education Eboard!
Mr. AustinMr. Austin's Musical eBoard
Mrs. BaronBaron's Wonderful eBoard!
Mr. BarreraThe Coolest eBoard Ever!!!
Mrs. BasileMrs. Basile's Math Classes
Ms. BerisFlashcards You Can Use
Mr. BerrettaMr. B's Questions and Answers
Ms. BolognesiMs. Bolognesi-Living Environment
Mrs. BradyEnglish 9/English 11
Mrs. BurtonLABS
Ms. CarusoMs. Caruso's Earth Science eBoard
Mrs. CatapanoThe Future of the World is in My Classroom Today
Mr. ChicarelliPhoto class due dates, projects, and ideas!
Mr. CorderoEarth Science / Physics
Ms. CoyneEarth Science Rocks!
Mrs. CurranNHS DECA
Mrs. CurranCollege and Career Readiness
Ms. CurryChemistry
Mrs. DeLucaMusic Articles
Mrs. DineenAcademic Toolkit
Mrs. DonahueMrs. Donahue's EBoard
Ms. DoyleWelcome to my eBoard!
Mr. FitzgeraldIt's Robot (Building) Time!
Mr. FloodDwells on the Past
Ms. FranklinMs. Franklin's eBoard
Mrs. Gill"Carpe Diem- Seize the Day."
Dr. GoldsteinDr. Goldstein's eBoard
Mr. GriecoWelcome to my eBoard!
Mrs. HahnNHS Choral, Voice, and Theater
Mrs. HassettChemistry
Mr. HassettMr. Hassett's Chemistry eBoard
Mrs. Hassett*****************NHS CLASS OF 2021****************
Mrs. HlatkyScience
Mrs. Hlatky************NHS National Honor Society************
Ms. HurstSignora Hurst's Italian eBoard
Mrs. IadanzaCrime and Criminal Justice
Ms. IngarraCosmetology
Mrs. InnesForensics
Ms. InnesNHS Lady Wolverines Volleyball
Ms. InzalacoLOTE
Mrs. KernArt Department Rubric
Mrs. KleinMrs. Klein's eBoard
Mr. KnowlanSocial Studies
Mr. LakeMarine Studies
Mrs. LaLimaMrs. LaLima NHS Art
Mr. LathamSocial Studies Board
Mrs. LewkowiczWe're Changing the World with Technology
Mr. LongMr. Long's Health Class #livelong
Mr. LoweMr. Lowe's eBoard
Mrs. MaffiaMaffia's classes
Ms. MangineMs. Mangine's E-Board
Mrs. MarchitoMCCSD Code of Conduct
Ms. MartinLes Classes de Madame Martin
Mr. MartinezMr. Martinez's Musical eBoard
Mrs. MartinoMCCSD Transitional Services
Mr. MasinoMr. Masino's ALC eBoard
Mr. MatlockWelcome to my eBoard!
Mrs. McCallumWord Pie Vocabulary Videos
Mrs. McIntyreArt E-Board
Mrs. McMillenMock Trial
Mr. MeigelMr. Meigel's Geometry and Logic/Topics
Mr. MessanaEarth Science Is AWESOME!!!!
Mrs. MichaelNHS Library Computer Lab Schedule
Ms. MigliaccioEnglish 9 / Wilson Just Words
Ms. MontanaWelcome to my eBoard!
Mrs. MottVeterinary Science
Mr. MurrayAlg, Adv Alg, & Alg II / Trig Board
Mr. NelsonScience
Mrs. PedersenLa clase de Español
Mr. PereraBook Club
Mr. RaycroftCivil Disobedience
Mr. RennardKeep Calm and do Your Homework
Mrs. RiniRomeo! Romeo!
Mrs. RussoWelcome to my eBoard!
Mr. SabiaSocial Studies is kind of a big deal. Just sayin'
Ms. SammartinoNHS Library
Mrs. SanicolaCatch up on missed notes or assignments.
Mrs. Schmitt-HarveyLa Clase de la Señora Schmitt-Harvey
Mrs. ScottoAssertion Journals
Mr. SearingMr. Searing
Mrs. SeifThe Best Guidance Counselor, Ever!
Ms. SellnerEarth Science Rocks!
Mr. SinacoreSinacore's Physics Classes
Mr. SommerThere's no business like Business Education!
Mrs. SparhuberWelcome to my eBoard!
Mrs. ThrasherNewfield English
Mr. Von BargenVB's E-Board
Mrs. WestbyMs. Westby's E-board
Ms. ZappullaZ's eBoard

Dawnwood Middle School

Last NameDescription
Ms. AbruscatoSignora Abruscato's eBoard
Mrs. Cardoso Mrs. Cardoso's Algebra Eboard
Mr. CenerelliDMS Band/Jazz Band
Mr. ChattawayMr. Chattaway's Science EBoard
Mr. ComanzoMr. Comanzo
Ms. DellapinaWelcome to 8th Grade Algebra
Dr. DiGiorgio Library Eboard
Ms. DoyleWelcome to my eBoard!
Mrs. EllisonHealth and Well Being
Mr. FieschelCalendar and daily homework
Mrs. Gray7th grade Social Studies Board
Mr. GrecoWelcome!
Mr. GugliottaMr. Gugliotta Rocks Technology
Ms. HallWelcome to my Awesome eBoard!
Ms. HughesMs. Hughes' Art E-Board
Mr. KatchihtesDMS PTA
Mr. LedererWhat is life?
Mr. LettieriWelcome to 8th Grade Social Studies
Mr. LomanginoMr. Lomangino's Incredible eBoard OH YEAH!
Mrs. MasciaElements of Art
Mrs. McCarrickMrs. McCarrick's Social Studies E-Board
Ms. MurphyCooking is my life!
Mrs. NewportMaTh
Mrs. PanasciLa clase de español/ La classe di Italiano
Mrs. PancioccoMrs. Panciocco 8th Grade ELA
Mrs. PavDMS National Junior Honor Society
Mrs. PedersenMs Pedersen 8th Grade English
Mrs. PerfallHealth Education
Mr. PleickhardtMr. Pleickhardt - 7th Grade Science
Mrs. SabiaMrs. Sabia's ELA eBoard
Ms. SachsMrs. Sachs 7th Grade Social Studies
Ms. SaiaMs. Saia's E-board
Ms. SchmaderMrs. Schmader's Pre-Algebra eBoard
Mrs. ScimecaPre-Algebra - Algebra - Peer Leadership - Computer
Mr. ScullyMr. Scully's E-board
Mrs. Segal7th Grade Physical Science
Mrs. StolteMrs. Stolte's E-Board
Mrs. TsakirisMrs. Tsakiris's Class
Ms. VeritzanMs. Veritzan's eBoard
Ms. XikisFamily & Consumer Science

Selden Middle School

Last NameDescription
Mr. AgostinoSMS Softball
Ms. AltebrandoWelcome to my eBoard!
Ms. ArceYou are entering the ArceZone!
Ms. ArceSMS Student Government Organization
Mrs. BarcaMrs. Barca's Math Classes
Ms. Blewitt7th grade - Math and Science
Mrs. CapriottiSixth Grade
Ms. CozierPre-Algebra/ Algebra
Ms. Dabe Ms. Dabe
Mrs. DavisMrs. K. Davis - Sixth Grade
Mrs. Diaz¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!
Mrs. DiCostanzoBenvenuti alla Classe d'Italiano
Mrs. Dobert and Mr. LabuskiDobert and Labuski - W5 and W6
Mr. DolceLife Science!
Mrs. DrakeMrs. Drake 8th Grade
Ms. DunnellsWelcome to Mrs. Dunnells'' ARTroom!
Ms. FerranniniMs. Ferrannini's eBoard
Ms. FloodWelcome to my eBoard!
Mr. GillespieGillespie's classes
Mrs. GolodGolod
Mrs. GovierPre-Algebra
Mrs. GritzmacherMrs. Gritzmacher's E-Board
Mrs. HarperCommon Bases with Negative Powers
Ms. HessHess' Handy Helper
Mr. HodgePhysical Science Class
Ms. HoughtonMS Academic Skills Builder
Ms. HughesMs. Hughes' Art E-Board
Ms. HyamsMs. Hyams 6th Grade
Ms. InnesSMS Volleyball
Mr. IppolitoMr. Ippolito's Science Eboard
Ms. KollarMs. Kollar's 7th and 8th Grade Bands
Mrs. LamsonMs. Burton's History's Mysteries
Mrs. Lefkowitz¡Bienvenidos!
Mrs. LennonELA Class eBoard
Mrs. Licari Licari Team
Mrs. LoweSelden Middle School Library
Ms. MaiorcaMrs. Mai-Orchesta's Eboard!
Mrs. Marksberry10th Grade Health Class
Mr. MarottaWelcome to my eBoard!
Mrs. MarreroBenvenuti a tutti!
Mr. MaurerMr. Maurer's Eboard
Mrs. McCawleyFrench page
Ms. MendicinoBienvenidos a todos
Mr. Miller8th Grade Living Environment & Life Science
Ms. Miller Bertram BarryWelcome to Sixth Grade
Mrs. MindlinWelcome to 6th grade
Ms. NunbergSMS Physical Education
Ms. O'BrienMs. O'Brien
Mrs. O'SheaCheck out the tabs to navigate the many resources!
Mr. OrderAlgebra
Mr. PavlickoMr. Pavlicko's eBoard
Mrs. PerniconeMrs. Pernicone's ICT Class
Ms. RabbaMusical
Mrs. RiceRice’s E-Board
Mrs. RoseLas Clases de la Señora Rose
Mrs. ScattareggiaEnglish Grade 8 and 7
Ms. SchmidtAlgebra
Ms. SchoenArt Teacher: Ms. Schoen's EBoard !
Ms. Scott and Ms. LoweSMS National Junior Honor Society
Ms. Scott, Ms. Malone, Ms. StrattonFACS (aka. Home & Careers)
Mr. SheehanWelcome to my eBoard!
Mr. SmithB. Smith - Selden MS Health
Mr. SpenaMr. Spena's Domain
Mrs. Stafford7th Grade Pre-Algebra
Mrs. StorySuper Sixth Graders
Ms. StrattonWelcome to FACS
Ms. StrongMs. Strong's e-board
Ms. SubjectSMS Best Buddies
Ms. SubjectSMS Youth for Humanity
Mr. TabickInstructional Strategies
Ms. TobinMs. Tobin
Mr. TotoBaseball and Girls Cross Country
Mrs. VassalloMrs. Vassallo's World
Mr. VecchioMr. Vecchio's 6th Grade Math/Science/ELA E-Board
Mr. VillacresMr. Villacres
Mr. WalshTechnology
Mr. WeaverMr Weaver-7th and 8th US History/Selden Baseball
Mrs. WeaverWeaver's Web ( Eboard)

Bicycle Path Elementary School

Last NameDescription
Mrs. ZacherMuscial eBoard